Mobile applications

Download mobile application for your smartphone

Your NFC featured smartphone is all that you need to enjoy new possibilities, that Business Card Book opens before you. Do not hesitate, a few seconds is all you need to download a free version of Business Card Book application for your smartphone.

Create your virtual business card

Thanks to our application you can create your own virtual business card with easy. You dont need designers help, you dont bear any costs, in just a few moments you can create a business card worthy of XXI century.

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Share your business card via NFC

Easy, quick and safe. Thanks to innovative use of NFC technology all you need to do, to share your virtual business card with others, is to touch the backs of your phones together. No need to be online or even connected to your telecommunication network. All you need, is Business Card Book.

Store, sort and search virtual business cards in your smartphone

Thanks to our application not only will you be able to share your virtual business card with others, you`ll also be able to store all received business cards in your mobile wizytownik. From there, you can easily find the person that you wish to contact. And with all those hyperlinks getting to someone`s website, facebook page, locating his address on Google maps or just calling them is easier and quicker then ever before.