What is a beacon?

Beacons are battery-powered, small sensors with low power consumption. Via Bluetooth they emit a radio signal within a regulated range of 0 to 70 m. You can place them at various locations inside and outside of the buildings. Properly configured sensors can operate without interruptions for over 3 years. When you pass near the beacon, it can contact the relevant application on your smartphone and give it specific instructions.

Sensors are delivered by Estimote. Learn more:


How does BCB's beacon system work?

From a BCB Cloud account you can buy any number of beacon sensors cooperating with the BCB applications, then put selected virtual business cards on them. Those virtual business cards will be visible on mobile devices of any BCB app users that come within its beacon range. Users will be able to download each of the displayed cards to their device in their sole discretion. BCB mobile apps will also save all virtual business cards encountered via beacons in a “last seen” folder, where they will be kept for 48 hours for users to save or share.


Where to use?

  • Exhibitions pdf_icon_40x40
  • Conferences and symposiums
  • Other expo events
  • Malls
  • Administration offices
  • Universities and colleges
  • Medical clinic

How to order?

You can order any number of beacons cooperating with BCB apps directly from BCB Cloud account. They will be shipped to you ready to use. You will be able to manage them from a “Beacons” tab of your BCB Cloud account.